January 23rd, 2007 + 2:01 PM  ·  bowlieboy1978

Not a dark song at all.  It's only TWO chords which was some kind of experiment.  I even tried to use a harmonica.


January 21st, 2007 + 11:01 AM  ·  bowlieboy1978

I spent the day in Amsterdam (when I lived in Holland) looking for a digital 4-track and failed in the mission.  I got drunk and walked around like a weirdo.  Later on I wrote this about it.  Another one with "Gordo" so the base-line and lead bit are better than I could do (at the moment).  I like this one but hate my singing.

Love A Distant Rainbow

January 21st, 2007 + 11:01 AM  ·  bowlieboy1978

This is taken from a minidisc so is quite poor quality.  I wrote this one when a friend of mine wanted me to write a song about rainbows.  It goes round and round without any bridges (so ...... I know), but was fun as I used a proper electro-acoustic and not a pick-up.  I was lucky enough to have a friend of mine play the base-line and lead bit - which makes it sound so much better - Thanks to "Gordo Magic".

PS - ALL done with ONE guitar (no bass)

Sixty Two

January 15th, 2007 + 8:01 PM  ·  bowlieboy1978

This is the last one of my really old ones until next week.  I was trying out a multi-tracker when everyone went out and left me alone (I don't do anything if people can here - which is why I like this site - I CAN'T SEE YOU !!!)

Had problem keeping time which is normal for a beginner and tried a few layers when I tried to play the same thing twice which was good practice and quite fun.  More later.....

Far Away

January 15th, 2007 + 8:01 PM  ·  bowlieboy1978

Having problems with upload but this is one I did years ago and it repeats over and over but used it to practice recording .......... better ones next week
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